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    Sometimes you need a different perspective, to be reminded of your brilliance, value, and potential. Sometimes you need to suspend all of the realities that seem to be in the way and paint a picture of your future brand, your innovation, your marketing strategy, your future company. You need to go to your 'ideal world' and observe and learn so that you can create or reengineer reality. This happy place of possibilities is what I call Ideal Worldland. We've all been bogged down by the problems at hand that blind us from the small and big changes that could make all the difference. We are here to help you build new dreams or strategies that will move you to the next stage of growth.


    As an innovation and marketing consultancy, some skills we use are:




    Competitive /Industry Analysis

    Brand Creation/Repositioning

    New Product Development/Positioning



    Creative Direction




  • Working Philosophy

    We are all multi-layered by the very nature of our being human. As our lives stretch across a canvas of time, we all leave our marks – some deeper than others. As a painter, this metaphor is an actual way of seeing the world for me – and more specifically – it informs how I work with clients to help them find their voice and yes – make their mark.


    Painting is a conversation between my materials and me. Together, we create atmosphere and through physical movement, definition takes shape. I may gain momentum to go in one direction – but be forced to change course when what I have envisioned morphs into something new. The arts allow imperfections to become accepted signposts that ultimately tell a richer story. In business, we sometimes call these events failures. We stay in them too long, not realizing the opportunities for transformation and growth.


    Working with clients is a process of excavation, discovery and building. It’s about exposing all the layers of meaning, so that we can speak to a diverse audience that is waiting to learn why YOU are different.


    Branding, strategy, innovation, product development – these are all pallets waiting to be filled with the perfect alchemy of colors. How and what we choose makes the final picture potent with meaning and impact. I’m looking forward to working with you to get messy, get honest, get clear and ultimately get your brand out there.


  • About the Founder

    Amy Fox, MFA, MBA, DipSI is an innovation maven, and is responsible for driving growth through developing and launching new products and opening new markets for a variety of CPG companies as well as in the non profit sector. In her spare time, she mentors artists and makes her own art as well .

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